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Animation & Film

Jeff Kurtti
* A Bug's Life: the Art & Making of an Epic of Miniature Proportions (Signed 1st)

CODE: 35259

$75.00 In stock
This copy is signed on the title page by the author Jeff Kurtii and dated 12/98 (a month after the book's release).  This was director John Musker's... More

* Alien Race: Visual Development of an Intergalactic Adventure (limited hardcover edition)

CODE: 35304

$50.00 In stock
By artists Peter Chan, Ben Mauro, John Park, Justin Pichetrungsi, Scott Robertson, and Thomas Tenery. From the publisher: Soon, you will be imagining... More

* Atlantis, The Lost Empire: The Illustrated Script

CODE: 35188

$80.00 In stock
The script with annotations by the directors Kirk Wise and Gary Trousdale and producer Don Hahn and profusely illustrated with production art: storyboards,... More

Amid Amidi
* Cartoon Modern: Style and Design in Fifties Animation

CODE: 32595

$40.00 In stock
From the publisher: "Between the classic films of Walt Disney in the 1940s and the televised cartoon revolution of the 1960s was a critical period in... More

Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston
* Disney's Bambi: The Sketchbook Series

CODE: 35388

After reprinting the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Sketchbook from 1939, Applewood began a series of original sketchbooks in the same format. Bambi was... More

John Hopkins
* Shrek: From the Swamp to the Screen

CODE: 35256

$20.00 In stock
The making of coffee table book for Dreamworks' animated feature Shrek and its sequel Shrek 2.

* Studio Ghibli Layout Designs (Near Fine)

CODE: 35394

$175.00 In stock
The massive, fully illustrated catalogue for the exhibition "Studio Ghibli Layout Designs: Understanding the Secrets of Takahata/Miyazaki Animation" at the... More

Don Hahn
* The Alchemy of Animation

CODE: 35409

$16.00 In stock
"It's a great world. Jump in now." With these words, veteran Disney Animation Studios Producer Don Hahn invites a future generation of aspiring artists and... More

Richard von Busack
* The Art of Megamind

CODE: 35414

$75.00 In stock
Out of print. Filled with beautiful artwork and emphasizing the concept art, character designs, and environments. The color script is also reproduced.... More

Linda Sunshine
* The Art of Open Season: A Field Guide (Near Fine slipcase)

CODE: 35249

$170.00 In stock
Full of art by Carter Goodrich and Marcelo Vignali.  This book is filled with fold-out, inserts, and mini-booklets. From the Publisher: "In... More

Tara Bennett
* The Art of Rio: Featuring a Carnival of Art From Rio and Rio 2 (Limited Edition)

CODE: 35154

$45.00 In stock
This gorgeous art book reveals art from both the original film Rio and the all new follow up Rio 2. It includes a tipped-in signature sheet featuring a... More

Chris Guise
* The Art of The Adventures of Tintin

CODE: 35313

$30.00 In stock
From the publisher: The artists at Weta Digital and Weta Workshop were thrilled to get the opportunity to work with Steven Spielberg to bring... More

Stephen Rebello
* The Art of the Hunchback of Notre Dame

CODE: 35251

$45.00 In stock
This coffee table art book covers the creation of the Disney animated feature directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise.

Christopher Finch
* The Art of the Lion King

CODE: 35167

$95.00 In stock
Artwork from the development and creation of the Disney blockbuster. Artwork by Chris Sanders, Vance Gerry, Andy Gaskill, Bunny Mattinson, Andreas Deja,... More

Christopher Finch
* The Art of the Lion King (Signed 1st)

CODE: 35268

$150.00 In stock
Inscribed by Producer Don Hahn on the half-title page. Artwork from the development and creation of the Disney blockbuster. Artwork by Chris Sanders,... More

Charles Solomon
* The Prince of Egypt: A New Vision in Animation

CODE: 35260

$50.00 In stock
The making of coffee table book for Dreamworks' first animated feature. Full of wonderful production artwork.

Howard E. Green
* The Tarzan Chronicles (Autographed Copy)

CODE: 35265

$195.00 In stock
This copy has been inscribed by author Howard Green, Director Chris Buck, and Cleanup Character Lead Tony Anselmo. Artwork by Paul Felix, Ian Gooding,... More

Howard E. Green
* The Tarzan Chronicles (Pres Romanillos' Copy)

CODE: 35266

$250.00 In stock
This copy was a gift to the beloved Disney and Dreamworks animator Pres Romanillos from author Howard Green. It has been warmly inscribed: To Pres -... More

Michael Broggie
* Walt Disney's Railroad Story: The Small-Scale Fascination That Led to a Full-Scale Kingdom

CODE: 35252

$195.00 In stock
From the publisher:  "Thousands of books and articles have been written about Walt Disney and his organization, yet few people realize the... More

Hans Bacher
* [Bacher] - Dream Worlds: Production Design for Animation

CODE: 35408

$40.00 In stock
From the publisher: Hans Bacher is acknowledged as one of the greats of production design for animation and he has been given unparalleled access to... More

Francisco Herrera
* [Herrera] - The Magic Box (Signed)

CODE: 30753

$30.00 In stock
Francisco's latest book reveals his 15 trade secrets of character designing! The large section of Francisco's character design sketches includes examples... More

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