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[Boucq] - The Shadow's Treasure (Limited Edition Super-Oversize Deluxe Hardcover)

CODE: 32684

Price: $70.00

In stock

Full-page illustrations by Boucq illustrating short texts by Jodorowsky. These one-page stories are twisty, thought-provoking, ironic, perverse, and Boucq's meticulous, detailed pen & ink illustrations are fantastic.

From the Publisher:

"Before the creative duo of Alexandro Jodorowsky and François Boucq would bring us their gritty Western series Bouncer, they collaborated and playfully challenged each other in this stunning publication of simple and seductive beauty, where the thoughts of one guided the hand of the other.

"Published in the English language for the very first time and presented in the same deluxe, limited & numbered (750 copies only), super-oversized format as the now sold-out The Eyes of the Cat."

There is a bit of rudeness in one illustration that renders this book for adults only. 

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