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[Moebius (Jean Giraud)] - The Incal: Classic Collection (Trade Hardcover)

CODE: 32171

Price: $45.00

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An English-language hardcover edition of the sci-fi bande dessinée classic. Foreword by Brian Michael Bendis.

This collects all six volumes of The Incal saga: L' Incal Noir (1981), L'Incal Lumiere (1982), Ce qui est en bas (1983), Ce qui est en haut (1985), La Cinquieme Essence - 1 Galaxie qui songe (1988), and La Cinquieme Essence - 2 La Planete Difool (1989).

This omnibus restores the original coloring to the six volumes.

This edition is two inches shorter and narrower than the Absolute-size limited edition released in 2010.

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