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[Sanders] - Aloha Maile Vinyl Figure - Red Edition

CODE: 28062

Price: $30.00

In stock

A charming vinyl figure from Chris Sanders (creator of Lilo & Stitch). Approx. 8" tall. Produced by Atomic Monkey.

The figure comes in a lovely cardboard-and-tin can with a see through plastic window.

The Maile hula girl in a blue dress and perched on a pineapple is a perfect desk accessory or gift.

From the artist - "Maile was inspired by the many trips I've taken to Hawaii. May her warm smile bring a little bit of aloha to you - because you and I don't live there and we probably live someplace cold and rainy with too many cars and maybe even ice and trolls who throw frozen apples at us while we wait for the school bus. She is the first in a series of vinyls based on my drawings."

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