Brigada #2 - English Language Edition



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Enrique Fernandez's new graphic novel series, an epic medieval fantasy adventure, independently financed and produced.

For this series, Enrique employs a art style with a heavier reliance on inked line art than previous albums, digitally enhanced and colored.

Published in Spanish, French, Italian and English language editions, we have the English language edition.

The Story:

The veteran captain Ivro has been recruited to command a hard convict´s squadron, in the long war against the black elfs. During the battle a mysterious fog traps them on a chaotic strange land, where they will have to fight another war, this time to survive as a group.

Book 2:

The Brigade continues its slow journey through the Mist, facing a new and unexpected conflict: who would claim the right to lead the band and take them all home again?

Senda and Loon seize the opportunity to learn more about the Voirandeer from the inside, and try to find answers to its mysteries, all while realizing that travelling alongside a band of criminal dwarves through an unknown, hostile land maybe was not such a great idea after all.

Meanwhile, Yaibed is running out of patience, since the Sisters are reluctant to collaborate and openly despise him; he will thus decide to take the most desperate measures in order to regain his power... Even if that means burning the very roots of the world.


Enrique Fernandez

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AME Ediciones

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12 inches
9.25 inches
48 pages
pictorial boards

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