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* Metal Hurlant #15

CODE: 35328

$12.00 In stock
Artists and writers in this issue: Claveloux, Zha, Clerc, Cortman, De Ranchin, Seisser, Druillet, F’murrr, Got, Halmos, Hé, Helme, Lejeune,... More

* Metal Hurlant #17

CODE: 35330

$15.00 In stock
Artists and writers in this issue: Caza, Claveloux, Dionnet, Zha, Clerc, Manœuvre, Duveau, F’murrr, Gillon, Montellier, Nicollet, Tardi.

* Metal Hurlant #18

CODE: 35331

$15.00 In stock
Artists and writers in this issue: Clerc, Crespin, Dionnet, Druillet, Macedo, Manœuvre, Setbon.

* Metal Hurlant #20

CODE: 35333

$15.00 In stock
Artists and writers in this issue: Clerc, Dionnet, Druillet, Forest, Gillon, Manœuvre, Margerin, Michelangeli, Moebius, Pétillon, Sire, Trip,... More

* Studio Ghibli Layout Designs (Near Fine)

CODE: 35394

$175.00 In stock
The massive, fully illustrated catalogue for the exhibition "Studio Ghibli Layout Designs: Understanding the Secrets of Takahata/Miyazaki Animation" at the... More

Hideaki Anno
* [Anno] - Aim for the Top 2! Storyboard Collection

CODE: 35310

$75.00 In stock
Storyboards for the Gainax anime series Aim for the Top 2! (aka Diebuster, aka Gunbuster 2). This book contains 807 black and white pages filled will... More

Mamoru Hosoda
* [Hosoda] - Summer Wars Storyboards (Animestyle Archive)

CODE: 35308

$45.00 In stock
Reproduces the complete storyboards for the anime feature by Mamoru Hosoda (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Wolf Children). Summer Wars is a 2009... More

Shigeru Maeshima
* [Maeshima] - Dragon Fly, Vol. 01

CODE: 35303

$60.00 In stock
A sexy stylish manga/anime. The first five chapters plus a gallery of full-page and fold-out pin-up illustrations. This was the only volume published. ... More

Felix Meynet
* [Meynet] - Meynet Sketchbook #1 (Signed & Numbered)

CODE: 29974

$40.00 In stock
Félix Meynet lives in the beautiful mountains of Chablais, France, between the Mont-Blanc and the Lake Geneva. Therefore, one can imagine what his... More

Yasushi Nirasawa
* [Nirasawa] - Doesn't

CODE: 35203

$75.00 In stock
Original comics and newly painted sculptures and illustrations by Nirasawa.A collection of ten comic stories (1994-1997), color photographs of sculptures,... More

Bill Presing
* [Presing] - Rex Steele - Nazi Smasher (Fine)

CODE: 35270

$40.00 In stock
Bill Presing's graphic novel, revised, and newly colored by Nate Wragg & Bill Presing. In a larger hardcover format, the pages of this French Edition... More

Giovanni Segnatini
* [Segantini] - Giovanni Segantini

CODE: 35123

$150.00 In stock
A large format art book (10 x 14 inches) with over 150 color and black & white illustrations. Gatefolds. Short introduction. Chronology. All the text is... More

Al Severin
* [Severin] - La Machine a Explorer le Temps

CODE: 35185

$40.00 In stock
A graphic novelization of H.G. Wells' The Time Machine.  Art & color by the great Belgian artist.  Text in French.  Out of... More

Sergio Toppi
* [Toppi] - Bab El Ahlam 1932

CODE: 29606

$40.00 In stock
An excellent collection of Toppi’s work showcasing his extraordinary talent as an illustrator. More than 120 drawings and illustrations in color... More

Sergio Toppi
* [Toppi] - Bestiaire

CODE: 29595

$40.00 In stock
The Fourth Toppi art book is devoted to one of the Milanese creator's favorite themes: man and the animal world. Toppi depicts animals from every... More

Sergio Toppi
* [Toppi] - Krull

CODE: 26466

$30.00 In stock
A collection of fantasy stories.

Sergio Toppi
* [Toppi] - Saint-Acheul, 17; Comme Un Ours En Furie; Myetzko

CODE: 29168

$30.00 In stock
Three World War I narratives from the Somme front in France, from Italy, and from Galicia in Spain. Three facets of human misery and the horrors of... More

Peter Aperlo
300: Rise of an Empire: The Art of the Film - Limited Edition

CODE: 34916

$60.00 In stock
This is the Limited Signed Collector’s Edition of the trade version of 300: Rise of an Empire: The Art of the Film – signed by Noam Murro and... More

Paul Davies
Awakening: The Art of Halo 4 - Limited Edition

CODE: 34806

$75.00 In stock
From the publisher: Halo 4 is the next blockbuster installment in the iconic franchise that’s shaped entertainment history and defined a decade... More

Bob Dylan Revisited

CODE: 25530

$35.00 In stock
An anthology of Dylan songs interpreted by bande dessinée artists: Thierry Murat, Lorenzo Mattotti, Nicolas Nemiri, Francois Avril, Jean Claude... More

CFSL Ink Shuffle 1: Speed Painting

CODE: 32036

$24.00 In stock
Digital speed painting is the theme of this great art collection from the Café Salé collective. Contributions by 15 artists. Includes websites... More

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