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Our Publications

Pierre Alary
[Alary] - Pierre Alary Sketchbook 2007 (Signed)

CODE: 22625

$15.00 In stock
A new collection of beautiful artwork by the former Disney animator and current bande dessinée artist. A quarter of the book features pin-ups of... More

Paul Bonner
[Bonner] - Paul Bonner Sketches (Limited Edition - Signed)

CODE: 32169

$20.00 In stock
This is Paul Bonner's first ever sketchbook featuring Paul's hand-picked favorite drawings and sketches. Published to coincide with his only U.S.... More

Paul Bonner
[Bonner] - Paul Bonner: Scribbles and Sketches (Limited Edition - Signed)

CODE: 33927

$15.00 In stock
Published for the 2013 Spectrum Fantastic Art Live in Kansas City. Paul signed a limited number of copies at the event before returning home to Denmark!... More

Paul Bonner
[Bonner] - Paul Bonner: Scribbles and Sketches (Limited Edition - Unsigned)

CODE: 33926

$10.00 In stock
Filled with dragons and dwarfs, goblins and trolls, Paul has hand-picked some of his favorite drawings and sketches, many from the last year, for his second... More

Eric Canete
[Canete] - Dedicace (Signed)

CODE: 32468

$10.00 In stock
This sketchbook features the personalized sketches created by Eric Canete for fans who pre-ordered or attended the Encore Book signing at Stuart Ng Books'... More

Andreas Deja
[Deja] - A Different Stripe: Andreas Deja’s Animal Sketchbook (Signed With A Drawing)

CODE: 26970

Legendary Disney animator Andreas Deja (animator of Gaston, Jafar, Scar, Lilo, Hercules, Mickey, and other classic characters) showcases his animal drawings... More

Pres Romanillos
[Romanillos] - Pres Romanillos Sketchbook

CODE: 31423

$15.00 In stock
Pres Romanillos was a highly regarded animator at Disney and Dreamworks. He animated Pocahontas and Shan-Yu (the villain in Mulan) and Little Creek (Spirit:... More

Claire Wendling
[Wendling] - Chinese Zodiac (12 Postcard Set)

CODE: 29090

$10.00 In stock
Claire Wendling's latest! A set of twelve 4" x 6" postcards featuring Claire's interpretations of the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac: Rat, Ox,... More

Claire Wendling
[Wendling] - Daisies

CODE: 25000

$20.00 In stock
An all-new collection of Wendling artwork created for French festivals, along with never-before-seen preliminary sketches, alternate versions and brand new... More

Claire Wendling
[Wendling] - Desk

CODE: 26577

$20.00 In stock
A pure sketchbook: 64 pages of pencil drawings by a modern master. None of these drawings appears in Iguana Bay 2.0 or Drawers 2.0. (New versions of five... More

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