Sam & Max: Surfin' the Highway Anniversary Edition - 1st Signed with a Drawing



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Twenty years ago, Sam & Max burst onto the indie comic book scene with a daring venture to the Philippines (drawn entirely without reference) called Monkeys Violating the Heavenly Temple. Today they're the stars of an Eisner-nominated webcomic and a successful episodic game series.

Sam & Max creator Steve Purcell and Telltale are celebrating these milestones with the this new edition of the Sam & Max comic book collection, Surfin' the Highway. In addition to all of the content of the 1995 original, the new edition contains 25 pages of content developed over the last two decades, bringing the page count to 197 with 45 pages in full color. The new content includes advertisements for the original Freelance Police comic book, a color version of Fair Wind to Java and recent paintings promoting Telltale's Sam & Max games and the upcoming DVD release of the Sam & Max Freelance Police animated series.

Steve Purcell has worked in illustration, games, TV, and movies. His first scratchy Sam & Max strips appeared in his art school newspaper. Years later he produced a handful of Sam & Max comic books followed by adaptations as an acclaimed LucasArts computer game and an animated TV series on the Fox network. Steve currently works in story development for feature animation and after hours consults on Season Two of the critically acclaimed Sam & Max game series from California developer Telltale Games.


Steve Purcell

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Signed by the artist with a drawing



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San Rafael
Telltale Games

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9.25 inches
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198 pages
black & white with 45 pages in color
French wraps