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This category includes: sketchbooks and art books published by the artists themselves, as well as some published by the small press (and the occasional sketchbook published by the mainstream press). In most cases, these are limited printings. Many of the books are autographed by their creator.

Arthur Adams
* [Adams] - Arthur Adams Sketchbook Volume XI (Signed)

CODE: 35375

$75.00 In stock
Art sold out the very last copies of this 2013 sketchbook at Emerald City Comicon.  Each year, Art produces a number of incredibly detailed... More

Brett Bean
* [Bean] - Sketches, Doodles, & Ideas: A Brett Bean Sketchbook 2013 (Signed with a drawing)

CODE: 34348

$20.00 In stock
Almost 80 pages, filled with hundreds of character sketches in pencil, ink, and marker. Includes an individual original drawing from the artist on the first... More

Brett Bean
* [Bean] Spaced Out! The Story of Fil & Mantis (Signed With A Drawing)

CODE: 35145

$25.00 In stock
Two best friends trying to find their place in the galaxy filled with robots, bounty hunters, and an overbearing boss. A Graphic Novel by the popular... More

Ben Caldwell
* [Caldwell] - Ben Caldwell Sketchbook #18: Daily Doodles

CODE: 34496

$20.00 In stock
Ben Caldwell's latest book is another winner! In 2012, Ben made sure to make one drawing each day and this book has 80 of those drawings! Harry Potter,... More

J. Scott Campbell
* [Campbell] - The Ravishing Red Collection (Signed)

CODE: 34347

$30.00 In stock
J. Scott Campbell's latest hardcover is filled with full-color illustrations: full-page, double-page, and even two fold-out triple-page spreads. Collects... More

Enrico Casarosa
* [Casarosa] - Fragments Intermezzo (Signed)

CODE: 35161

$20.00 In stock
A long out-of-print book of charcoal gesture & life drawings of female nudes, with some paintings in acrylics. Beautiful artwork by this Pixar... More

Louie del Carmen
* [del Carmen] - Muse (Signed)

CODE: 34901

$20.00 In stock
"I know what women want. They want to be beautiful." --Valentino Garavani And Louie does a great job capturing the beauty of the feminine persuasion in... More

Shanes Glines
* [Glines] - Cartoon Retro: The Art Of Shane Glines

CODE: 30768

A cheesecake art/sketch book by Shane. Finished full-color illustrations, finished ink pieces, as well as some prelims and sketches. Lots of Shane's... More

Tony Harris
* [Harris] - Cherry Picker (Signed)

CODE: 35362

$20.00 In stock
Tony Harris' first sketchbook!  22 full-page color drawings of Hollywood stars and modern comic book characters, illustrated by the artist behind... More

Francisco Herrera
* [Herrera] - The Magic Box (Signed)

CODE: 30753

$30.00 In stock
Francisco's latest book reveals his 15 trade secrets of character designing! The large section of Francisco's character design sketches includes examples... More

Brittney Lee
* [Lee] - Confetti (Signed)

CODE: 30837

$25.00 In stock
A wonderful collection of works by Brittney Lee. Evenly divided between her digital paintings and cut paper constructions, all created between 2007 and... More

Felix Meynet
* [Meynet] - Meynet Sketchbook #1 (Signed & Numbered)

CODE: 29974

$40.00 In stock
Félix Meynet lives in the beautiful mountains of Chablais, France, between the Mont-Blanc and the Lake Geneva. Therefore, one can imagine what his... More

Dustin Nguyen
* [Nguyen] - Avery's L'ito Island: A Collection of Works by Dustin Nguyen (Signed)

CODE: 35426

$25.00 In stock
Dustin's third full color sketchbook. His first since 2012. It is full of watercolor fan art and commissions, character and costume designs, cover designs,... More

* [Ragnar] - Ragnar's Kings Of The Road (Signed "To John")

CODE: 35257

$20.00 In stock
A collection of cartoon images of tramps, hoboes, lowlifes, and other characters one might meet on the road. A showcase for Ragnar's cartoon character... More

Andrew Robinson
* [Robinson] - Art Hog (Signed)

CODE: 31747

$25.00 In stock
Andrew Robinson's latest art book includes finished paintings, illustrations, process, and sketches.

Tim Sale
* [Sale] - The Killing Floor 2014 (Signed)

CODE: 35376

$25.00 In stock
A new thick sketchbook from the artist famous for his award-winning mini-series for Marvel and DC: Daredevil, Captain America,  Batman (The Long... More

Marcelo Vignali
* [Vignali] - Figure Drawing: Fractal Method, Vol. 1 (Signed)

CODE: 33261

$15.00 In stock
"The Fractal Method is a designer's approach to figure drawing." Annie-award-winning artist Marcelo Vignali shares his own Fractal Method of Figure... More

Marcelo Vignali
* [Vignali] - Figure Drawing: Fractal Method, Vol. 2: Balance and Proportion (Signed)

CODE: 34587

$20.00 In stock
From the back cover: Traditional figure gesture drawings lack the practical application and the principle design understanding that my fractal method... More

Marcelo Vignali
* [Vignali] - Marcelo Vignali Fantasy Sketchbook, Vol. 1 (Signed)

CODE: 33260

$15.00 In stock
The first sketchbook from this fantastic visual development artist. Lush concept art and fantasy character designs.  Marcelo is an... More

Mike Yamada & Victoria Ying
* [Yamada and Ying] - Curiosities (Limited Edition)

CODE: 33623

$30.00 In stock
A picture story book for all ages. Beautifully illustrated with lots of charm and appeal. This copy is signed by both Mike and Victoria From the Artists:... More

Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying
* [Yamada and Ying] - Half Past, 2012-2013: The Collected Art of Mike Yamada & Victoria Ying (Signed)

CODE: 34318

$15.00 In stock
Twenty fully-rendered double-page "widescreen" illustrations by Mike and Victoria. Beautiful, outstanding pieces.  Signed by both Mike and Victoria. More

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