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A wordless graphic novel following the expedition of a ship on the high seas.

Fans of Nobrow's Leporello series will enjoy this story of a ship as it travels across oceans through time visiting various civilizations.

There are word balloons but they are filled with pictograms instead of words! It folds out to form a 14-foot continuous picture map of the voyage!

From the publisher:

All Seas by Quiet Time is a silent narrative following the peregrinations of a ship through different civilizations; all in the form of an accordion book, with a total length of over 14 feet. The reader can follow our ship and its crew on a cruise through time and space. Around the ship, seas and continents change, allowing the reader to see a multiplicity of unknown places, imaginary civilizations and mythological creatures.

The reader can follow the story page after page like a classic book. But one can also unfold the entire book and get two frescoes of more than 14 feet and display it like a world map.


Alex Chauvel

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Very Fine



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8.2 inches
6 inches
30 pages
color illustrations
French wraps

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