500 Dessins, Vol. 3



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This third volume of delicious sketchbook drawings by de Crecy focuses on "drawings from travel notebooks of the past ten years: Japan, Italy, the south of France, Corsica, Slovenia, Paris, including some on-the-spot portraits.

"The existence of an artist [...] can be similar in many ways to that of a lion in a cage. This is why it is beneficial to bring the wild animal out of its den as soon as the opportunity presents itself [...]. The goal of this walk: to extend the exercise of drawing by confronting it with reality, to get out of the comfortable and reassuring imaginary world that the artist has built himself and in which he feeds but can also, out of routine, suffer.. [...]. Presented here are drawings from several notebooks, which have accompanied me in my peregrinations of the past ten years. Japan, Italy, the south of France (including Corsica), a bit of Slovenia, some domestic views [...]. Paris too [...] without forgetting portraits. [...] "

Nicolas de Crécy, June 2018


Nicolas De Crecy

Condition & Attributes

Very Fine, issued without dustjacket


De Crecy

Publishing Information

Barbier & Mathon

Physical Description

7 inches
9.6 inches
128 pages
color illustrations
pictorial silk cloth

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