A Gift for a Ghost (The Black Holes)



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In English for the first time, this beautiful graphic novel by a Spanish comic book creator. A bestseller for us in its original French edition, under its original title, The Black Holes. This American edition is two inches shorter and narrower than the original edition, but it is in English!

From the publisher:

An untalented punk band and a parallel dimension--what could go wrong?

In Borja González's stunning graphic novel, two parallel stories reflect and intertwine in a tale of youthful dreams and desires. In 1856, Teresa, a young aristocrat, is more interested in writing avant garde horror poetry than making a suitable marriage. In 2016, three teenage girls, Gloria, Laura, and Cristina, want to start a punk band called the Black Holes. They have everything they need: attitude, looks, instinct . . . and an alarming lack of musical talent. They've barely started rehearsing when strange things begin to happen. As their world and Teresa's intersect, they're haunted by the echo of something that happened 160 years ago.


Borja Gonzalez

Condition & Attributes

Very Fine in Very Fine dustjacket



Publishing Information

New York

Physical Description

9.4 inches
6.6 inches
128 pages
decorative boards

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