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The best Nobrow book not published by Nobrow! A beautiful and poignant wordless graphic novel. The first graphic novel by illustrator Tom Haugomat.

From the publisher:

A Travers ("Through") follows the trajectory of a man of destiny, who cherishes the dream of becoming an astronaut. From birth to death, all the major stages of his life are evoked. The principle of the book is based on a game of glances between what the character lives and what he sees, always through a particular prism (the keyhole, a magnifying glass, a window, a screen, etc.). A graphic book with dazzling beauty.

A Travers has received:

    • A Special Mention in the Fiction category at the Bologna Fair 2019.
    • The Talking Picture Award at the New York Fair 2019.

Tom Haugomat was born in Paris in 1985, he quickly became interested in drawing and its narrative potential. He discovered a passion for the moving image at the Gobelins school in section "Design and production of animated films". He also meets Bruno Mangyoku, with whom he works on the short film project Jean-François (Arte, 2009).


Tom Haugomat

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Bump to cover die-cut, otherwise Very Fine, issued without dustjacket



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Editions Thierry Magnier

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9.9 inches
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184 pages
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