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I think this second volume is even better than the first. The selection of artwork is varied and excellent and the reproduction really leaves you feeling like you are looking at the original art.

From the publisher:

As those lucky few who visited him will attest, Al Williamson loved to share his personal art with his guests.

It was that same generosity of spirit which led him to join forces with Flesk Publications in 2009 and establish the Al Williamson Archives library - all with the hope that, through these volumes, his fans, fellow illustrators and the general public could finally enjoy his wealth of unpublished work for themselves.

This second installment of the series builds upon the strengths of the first, showcasing a rich and heady collection of carefully chosen SF and fantasy-fueled illustrations.

Spanning the entirety of Williamson's 50-year career, this volume includes everything from rough sketches, abandoned comic pages and partially completed drawings to fully rendered studies of characters familiar to fans.

Regardless of its specific subject matter, each piece exemplifies the exhilarating bravura, sheer vitality and sense of wonder so important to Williamson's work.

Designed to simulate the experience of sifting through his private files, every image by this beloved "artist's artist" was scanned from the original in full color before being reproduced to the most exacting of standards to best capture the subtlest aspects of his craft.

Introduction by Victor Williamson.


Al Williamson

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