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"America's best-known artist-writer explores the wonderful world of careers for women." A scarce title, Whitcomb's second book only has fifteen illustrations but is a blast and probably the most revealing about the artist.

The dustjacket text says it all:

Girls-this book is all about you.

Are you searching for a career as a secretary, a movie star, an airline hostess--or do you merely wish to be a cool femme fatale? Jon Whitcomb says he knows how you can make the grade, and speaks his mind.

Having trouble with your love-life? All About Girls is frank on the subject.

Here are the candid remarks of a famous artist-illustrator who has spent his life coping with pretty girls. Peek at his correspondence; it may amuse you or make you furious.

Meet some of the actresses he has interviewed for his monthly column in COSMOPOLITAN. Whitcomb tells all in the chapter, Ladies in Lights.

Would you like to win a beauty con- test? He says he can tell you how. (The Long-Stemmed American Beauties)

Do you have two left feet's? An instinct for the wrong clothes? Is your makeup a mess? Read chapter 8, You Might as Well be Ravishing.

Mitzi Gaynor got married and told Jon Whitcomb the inside story of her honeymoon and he wrote it up for All About Girls. (See Baby Girl Gerber & Co.)

Have you ever wanted to be a model? Do you like to cry? Can you count when it comes to Martinis? All About Girls discusses these and other problerns with uninhibited candor.

Whitcomb is a man who can't keep anything to himself. Girls are supposed to be a great mystery, but after reading this book you may begin to wonder:

Is nothing sacred?

Pausing only long enough to acquire a B.A. degree at Ohio State University, Oklahoma-born Jon Whitcomb emigrated to New York City and plunged into a study-in-depth of Pretty Girls, their cause and cure.

As a short-story illustrator, his pictures turned up in GOOD HOUSEKEEPING, AMERICAN, WOMAN'S HOME COMPANION, COLLIER'S, LADIES' HOME JOURNAL, REDBOOK, COSMOPOLITAN, THE SATURDAY EVENING POST and MCCALL'S; he has written short stories for GOOD HOUSEKEEPING, COSMOPOLITAN and MCCALL'S; and his covers have appeared on the POST, GOOD HOUSEKEEPING, REDBOOK and COSMOPOLITAN. Whitcomb's paintings for advertisements have helped to sell such diverse products as Whitman's chocolates, General Electric sun lamps, Palmolive soap, Cadillacs and Community Plate silver.

He is now a contributing editor to COSMOPOLITAN magazine, writing and illustrating a monthly feature called On Location With Jon Whitcomb. He travels by magic carpet, sometimes referred to as 707 or DC-8, and the targets range from London, Paris and Madrid to Hollywood, Honolulu and Tokyo.

He is a faculty member and one of the original founders of Famous Artists Schools, of Westport, Conn.


Jon Whitcomb

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