Alter Ego Magazine #6

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"MARVEL—FAWCETT—DC! This one’s got it all! Double-dynamite color covers—a magnificent 1969 DR. STRANGE piece by GENE COLAN & TOM PALMER, and a never-before-seen MAC RABOY portrait of CAPTAIN MARVEL, JR., done in the early 1940s! ROY THOMAS on the birth of the ALL-STAR SQUADRON— with rare and unpublished art by RICH BUCKLER and JERRY ORDWAY! GENE COLAN, HERB TRIMPE, and others talk about Marvel in the 1960s and ’70s! A weird untold tale of 1969 Marvel, with fantastic unseen SGT. FURY art and comments by DICK AYERS, JOHN SEVERIN, and GARY FRIEDRICH! A double-size FCA (FAWCETT COLLECTORS OF AMERICA) section with C.C. BECK, MARC SWAYZE, JOE SIMON, and more! MAC RABOY’s fantastic 1940s art explored by ROGER HILL— with mucho rare and unpublished art of the Fawcett heroes! All this, plus STAN LEE and ROBERT KANIGHER on their how-to-write-comics books of the 1940s, MICHAEL T. GILBERT and MR. MONSTER on Superman in THE NEW YORKER in 1939, never-before-printed GOLDEN AGE ART by CARMINE INFANTINO, and more!! The legend is back; don’t miss ALTER EGO #6!"


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