Analog: The Art of Tommy Lee Edwards



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Drawings and paintings in a variety of mixed media (watercolor, charcoal, ink, primacolor, pastel, gouache, etc.), often including preliminaries and in-process images.

"There's a certain level of freedom when painting a private commission from the privacy of your own studio. A particular immediacy is built into sketches done behind the table throughout a convention appearance, or during a late-night session in the hotel room."

As the drawings and paintings in this book were typically done for fans of the artist, there was no intense need to please a committee of studio execs, an editor, an art director, an actor's agent, or an advertising sponsor. It's all about the process and love of capturing a story or character in a single image.

Speaking of process, this book provides a rare step-by-step look at how Tommy Lee Edwards uses color, value, line, and various analog mediums to approach a finished composition.


Tommy Lee Edwards

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Tommy Lee

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Springfield, NJ
Essential Sequential

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