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Aslan is a French painter, sculptor and pin-up artist. He is most famous in France and worldwide for his pin up girls. For 18 years, he provided a monthly pin up for the French men's magazine Lui. His pin-ups were also published in Oui magazine in the US. 

This book collects the best Aslan pin-ups published in Lui magazine (1963-1981). Aslan's photo-realist paintings are reminiscent of pop artist Mel Ramos, however Aslan's paintings are more overtly sexual with Penthouse-style poses. The last 40 images are explicit. Minimal text in French. For sale to adults only.

From the publisher:

"Aslan's drawings, nearly photorealist, oscillate between kitsch and genuine historical documents. " GQ magazine 

"A very nice trip through the past for the nostalgic, but also for teenagers who want to find a tribal pop seventies look."  Jean-Pierre Dionnet 

If the name of Aslan does not necessarily evoke something to those under thirty, the very mention of Pin-up immediately puts the artist in context. For it is Aslan who, every month from 1963 to 1981, drew the famous pin-ups that fueled the fantasies of many generations. His women -- whether blondes, brunettes or redheads, smiling sweetly or pouting, provocative and showing off -- almost all had one thing in common: a penetrating and troubling gaze in which the viewer could lose himself, to his great pleasure.

"I paint and sculpt women 'the most beautiful subject given to artists' as they are inexhaustible and eternal." Aslan



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