Axis in Agony!



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"Presenting a Series of Caricatures from the Brush of Boris Artzybasheff."

The introduction:

Boris Artzybasheff ... he hates in paint!
How to present the brutishness of the Axis ... its craven cowardess ... its mounting terror as final defeat becomes more imminent ...
How to present War--this war, every war--in all its vicious, un-glorious reality... How, thus, to help create, on every front, a better understanding of some of today's bitter truths.
These were problem's that faced Boris Artzybasheff ... problems this famous illustrator solved in a series of inspired caricatures painted expressly for Wickwire Spencer.
Study the reproductions which follow.
Easy, isn't it, to see why service men demand them for "pin ups" ... why thousands are posted, month after month, in war plants everywhere as a spur to production?
Perhaps better than anyone else, Artzybasheff knows how to say "This is the enemy!" ... in terms everyone understands.

This rare World War II booklet reprints 21 of Boris Artzybasheff's scathing caricatures of the Axis as full-page black & white illustrations, with captions opposite. The introduction has a small portrait of Artzybasheff.

This booklet is in only eight library collections worldwide.


Boris Artzybasheff

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New York
Wickwire Spencer Steel Company

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5.5 inches
7.5 inches
48 pages
21 full-page and 1 smaller black & white illustration