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Out of print. Back Issue celebrates comic books of the 1970s, 1980s, and today through a variety of recurring (and rotating) departments.

From the publisher:

Editor MICHAEL EURY is grinning ear-to-ear over BACK ISSUE #3, our LAUGHING MATTERS issue, featuring: "Bring On The Bad Guys," a scintillating look at THE JOKER's journey from clown to killer through interviews with and art by DENNY O'NEIL, NEAL ADAMS, STEVE ENGLEHART, MARSHALL ROGERS, JIM STARLIN, and BRIAN BOLLAND, plus other Bat-artists! " Pro2Pro Interview", as plotter KEITH GIFFEN, writer J.M. DeMATTEIS, and artist KEVIN MAGUIRE bust their guts about their 1980s JUSTICE LEAGUE series, and the 2003 follow-up, FORMERLY KNOWN AS THE JUSTICE LEAGUE (with art by Maguire and Giffen)! "The Greatest Stories Never Told", a look at the two PLASTIC MAN movies (one written by The Matrix's Wachowski Brothers) that faced meltdown--plus, didja hear the one about Arnold Schwarzenegger as SGT. ROCK? "Rough Stuff", with pencil artwork and rare sketches by a dozen cartoonists, including SERGIO ARAGONÉS, MIKE MANLEY, RAMONA FRADON, JACK KIRBY, and others--with a look at KYLE BAKER's new PLASTIC MAN series thrown in for fun! "What The--?!", a spotlight on the strangest stage show ever, BUGS BUNNY MEETS THE SUPER-HEROES, with interviews and ultra-rare photos. "Off My Chest", as MARK EVANIER tells you why writing "funny" books is harder than it looks! All this and more, under a BRAND-NEW JOKER COVER by BRIAN BOLLAND!


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