A Lithographic Suite Of Preliminary Paintings By Carl Barks (Signed & Numbered)



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#228 of 500 suites with each print numbered and initialed by Barks, and Signed & Numbered.

A suite of ten four-color lithographs on 100% cotton fiber paper of preliminary concepts and idea sketches painted in mixed media on illustration board or masonite during 1982 to 1986.

All are reproduced the same size as the original art. These prelims have never been reprinted.

"Among His Souvenirs," "First National Bank Of Cibola," "In Uncle Walt's Collectery," "Money Lake," "Return To Plain Awful," "Sheriff Of Bullet Valley," "Stamp Collectors' Bad Moment," "The Makings Of A Fish Story," "Trail Of The Forty Thieves," and "Trespassers Will Be Ventilated". 

From the publisher:

For years Carl Barks fans asked whether the preliminary paintings the Old Duck Man has done as concepts for lithographs - both those that were then completed and those that were abandoned - would ever be published, and, if so, in what form? The answer came from Another Rainbow in 1986 with a full suite of ten original miniature oils in a traditional four-color set of prints, using fine paper and superior lithographic screened-process printing. Each individual print - all suitable for framing - is initialed by Barks. Each print in each set is identically hand numbered. The total edition consists of 500 sets and has a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by Carl Barks, that will guarantee that there will never be any more editions.

Please understand that it would be prohibitively expensive to produce so many prints, albeit their relative miniature size, as ten to 12 - color Black Box continuous-tone lithographs. The actual image area on larger sheets of paper, range from the smallest at 8 ¾" x 7" to five of the ten with 10"x 12 ½" images. Half of the ten prints will be more than one third the size of our regular prints.  

Accompanying the Certificate of Authenticity will be a one-page History of the Edition, which will document the story behind each painting and will tell why three paintings were never done as lithographs in our full-size-edition series.. 




Carl Barks

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Very Fine
#228 of 500 suites with each print #'d and initialled by Barks and S&N'd on



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Another Rainbow

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