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Batman: Universe

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On uncoated stock to let the ink soak into the pages like a real comic book!

From the publisher:

In this all-new original story written by Brian Michael Bendis, Batman is pushed to his limit as he sets off in search of an item with the potential to destroy the universe as we know it! Batman isn't the only one looking for this item though. It's a race to the finish line with the fate of the universe hanging in the balance!

The Riddler has stolen a priceless jeweled egg, and Batman is on his trail, chasing him from Gotham to Gorilla City and points beyond. But when Batman catches up with the crook, he realizes something is wrong with his old foe. The egg is possessed of some strange power that is scrambling Riddler's brain. The clue to what this is may lie in who hired Riddler to steal the egg: Vandal Savage. What does the immortal mastermind want with it? Batman's quest is like a tour of the DC Universe, spanning space and even time. Guest stars include Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Deathstroke, Jonah Hex and more!

Brian Michael Bendis ( Action Comics, Young Justice, Pearl) and Nick Derington ( Doom Patrol) weave a tale that leads the Dark Knight on a wild-goose chase across the DC Universe, tracking down a mysterious artifact that contains the literal key to humanity's survival!

This collects Batman: Universe #1-6.


Brian Michael Bendis
Nick Derington

Condition & Attributes

Very Fine in Very Fine dustjacket in publisher's shrinkwrap


Brian Michael

Publishing Information

DC Comics

Physical Description

10.5 inches
7 inches
176 pages
pictorial boards

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