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The long out-of-print second issue of this magazine devoted to excellent reproduction of rare illustration artwork from the turn of the last century 1880-1920s.

Featuring a section on T. S. Sullivant reprinting his entire Fables for the Times--a series of spoofs of Aesop's Fables that ran in the old Life magazine and were collected into a single volume in 1896.

68 other artists: Edwin Austin Abbey, Allison, Boris Artzybasheff, Austen, Ball, Bangs, Ralph Barton, Batten, W adys aw T. Benda, Bracker, Nell Brinkley, Harrison Cady, Carlson, Howard Chandler Christy, Clark, Joseph Clement Coll, Dean Cornwell, de Ivanowski, De Maris, Diez, Dodge, Dwiggins, Harrison Fisher, James Montgomery Flagg, Flanagan, A.B. Frost, Charles Dana Gibson, Frank Godwin, Gould, Greer, Dan Groesbeck, George Herriman, Jameson, Jones, King, Lawson, Leigh, Norman Lindsay, Orson Lowell, Winsor McCay, Neill, Rose O'Neill, Paddock, Palmer, Pegram, Peter, Pizer, Popini, Howard Pyle, Arthur Rackham, Frederick Richardson, Robinson (x3), Sanxay, Charles Sarka, Schabelitz, Shepperson, Sidney Sime, Dan Smith, Frederic Steele, Stevens, Herbert Stoops, Stratton, Sullivant, Walker, Winter, N.C. Wyeth.

Excellent reproduction on 100 lb paper, 100 lb coated cover.


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Limited to 2000 copies

Publishing Information

Palo Alto, CA
Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr. / JVJ Publishing

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12 inches
9 inches
vi, 106 pages
over 300 black & white illustrations