Brushwork for the Oil Painter



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This is the "New Revised Edition" of Brushwork (published in 1977) with nearly all new paintings.

Whereas the first edition only had 24 pages in color, this revised edition features 150 pages in color!

From the dustjacket:

Every brushstroke has its own unique and expressive character. There is the angular slash of a ravine, the grand curl of a large wave, the firm diagonals of boat rigging, the confusion of nets and clutter on a harbor shoreline, the gnarled trunk of an old oak, and the delicate lace of distant treetops. There are wet-into-wet strokes, calligraphic and linear strokes, staccato strokes, scumbled strokes, and flat or washy strokes. There are also strokes that encircle objects, strokes that describe various textures, and strokes that convey mood or lighting effects.

When Brushwork was first published in 1977, it contained only 24 pages of color. This new edition is now almost entirely in color, and filled with nearly all new paintings. And every painting is followed by enlarged closeups of the brushwork, with callouts indicating special suggestions or solutions to problems or pointing out specific brushwork effects. there is also a demonstration showing painting sequence; and expanded description of materials - including advice on selecting a brush and caring for it; review of the basic purposes of brushstrokes; and pages of paintings showing when to use various types of strokes, and what techniques to choose for getting them just right. Finally, we look at brushstrokes that reveal the qualities of specific subjects: buildings, harbors, boats, skies, water, trees and flowers, and figures - 95 different themes in all.

Even if you already own a copy of the first edition, you'll find a wealth of new information in this one. And if you paint in oil and have never read Brushwork before, this new edition will offer you a host of ways to create expressive brushwork, brushwork that will infuse your paintings with a lively vitality and personality. Brushwork for the Oil Painter is unique - the only book entirely devoted to this subject.

144 pages. 150 color plates. 20 black-and-white illustrations. Bibliography. Index.


Emil A. Gruppe

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Emil A.

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144 pages
150 color plates, 20 black & white illustrations