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This artbook shows the second half--the last 80 pages--of Yslaire's graphic novel--as a work in process.

Mademoiselle Baudelaire is Yslaire's 160-page biography of Charles Pierre Baudelaire (1821 - 1867), a decadent French romantic poet, told through the eyes of his muse and mistress Jeanne Duval.

"The pages presented here in facsimile bear witness to the author's creative process: before proceeding with the final inking and coloring, Yslaire draws the entire story in the form of sketches, sometimes extensive, sometimes suggested, always emphasizing storytelling."

This book is a snapshot of Yslaire's pages--in process--as they existed in his computer on this date. Rough pencils, finished pencils, digital rendering, textures, scanned elements... It's a fascinating look at how comics are made now.

From the publisher:

Before discovering the finished album, this third book offers an emotional, sensual and dreamlike journey, behind the scenes of this historical tale which revisits the myth of the accursed artist from an unprecedented feminist perspective. Jeanne Duval becomes the common thread of this investigation. She who was the main muse of the poet, linked to him, despite the ruptures, throughout his life.

About the series:

Baudelaire: poète maudit, enfant terrible, lyric genius, crippling perfectionist. Bereft of a father at age five, he spent his days squandering the former's fortune on prostitutes and paintings, opium and alcohol, finery and laundry bills for his impeccably white dandy's collars. He loved a woman and gave her syphilis. This is her story. Muse, mulatto, mistress, mystery - little was known of Jeanne in her day, and even less remembered since. Yslaire pays tribute to a brimstone-and-hellfire affair from the annals of literature, two misunderstood souls who in their mutual misunderstanding afforded each other what little solace they found in life.

En résumé

Avant de découvrir l'album fini, ce troisième cahier propose un voyage émotionnel, sensuel et onirique, dans les coulisses de ce récit historique qui revisite le mythe de l'artiste maudit à partir d'une perspective féministe inédite. Jeanne Duval devient le fil conducteur de cette enquête. Elle qui fut la principale muse du poète, liée à lui, malgré les ruptures, durant toute sa vie.

Un cahier collector au tirage limité et numéroté à 2500 exemplaires.



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