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This fanzine devoted to the classic monster movies is produced solely by Long Beach artist and horror enthusiast Mark Jiro Okui. A retro-style cut-and-paste photocopy zine.

This issue is devoted to Frankenstein with a few short articles (the longest is a Frankenstein timeline based upon the research of Forest J. Ackerman) and reproductions of Frankenstein film memorabilia: posters, lobby cards, photos, autographs, books

.An excerpt:


One of my favorite monsters is the Frankenstein Monster as played by Boris Karloff. Before the days of video I would watch these films over and over every time they came on TV. I would repeatedly check out from the library the Richard Anobile book of Frankenstein which recreated entire the film with the script and frame enlargements.After getting Movie Monsters: Monster Make-Up & Monster Shows To Put On by Alan Orrnsby from the Scholastic Book Club, I made a Frankenstein skullcap out of Paper Mâché and used black yarn for the hair.

As a kid my favorite Frankenstein films were the Universal black and white classics, Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein and Abbott & Costello meet Frankenstein. Other childhood film Frankenstein favorites were Young Frankenstein and War of the Gargantuas. In 6th grade I read Mary Shelley's novel for a book report. I can still see the paperback: it was an easy eye larger type print for easy reading edition with an yellowish painting of a Karloff-esque monster on the cover.

Karloff in the Jack Pierce's Frankenstein Monster make-up is to me the most fascinating monster make-up ever. The Monster is the single face I have drawn the most.

This issue is dedicated to my Aunt Kinue Kleinschmidt, who took me to see a lot of movies when I was a kid. She was always game to see any chop socky, Samurai or action picture.


Mark Okui

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