The Art of Brütal Legend

The Art of Brütal Legend - Limited Slipcased Edition



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Scott Campbell (AKA Scott C.) was the production designer and lead artist for the Double Fine Studios game Brutal Legend and this book is full of his game concept art and design work. 

Foreword by Tim Schafer. Introduction by Scott Campbell. Characters. Creatures. Stuff. World. Storyboards. Posters. 

From the publisher:

This stunning tome of concept art and design work from the Double Fine Studios game Brutal Legend is guaranteed to blow art book fans away! 

Behold the Power of Rock! The Art of Brütal Legend is the monumental collection of metal-themed paintings, drawings, and sketches from Tim Schafer and the Double Fine Art Team. Lavishly reproduced artwork is complemented by candid commentary about the vision, inspirations, and black-magic artistry used to bring THIS fiendish nightmare to life. With more than 600 pieces of concept art and the complete illustrated lore of the game, The Art of Brütal Legend will melt your face with its awesomeness.

It’s packed with only the most metal artwork, from Double Fine artists and friends of Double Fine including Scott Campbell, Peter Chan, Mark Hamer, Razmig Mavlian, Lee Petty, Levi Ryken, Nathan “Bagel” Stapley, and others.

Limited Edition features an exclusive heavy-duty silver metallic slip case, perfect to protect this collectible item no matter how much head-banging it inspires! 


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