Capes, Crooks & Cliffhangers: Heroic Serial Posters of the Golden Age



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For decades, movie-going audiences thrilled to the adventures of their favorite heroes, as they watched these incorruptible champions of justice to do battle with some of the vilest villains ever brought to the silver screen. These exciting serials, with a cliffhanger ending each weekly chapter, marked the first time that many of the these iconic characters -- such as Batman, Superman, Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, The Phantom, The Shadow, The Lone Ranger, Zorro, and more -- were brought to life in the movies, paving the way for the multi-million dollar superhero blockbusters of today. Relive with us now those thrilling days of yesteryear, as Capes, Crooks & Cliffhangers: Heroic Serial Posters of the Golden Age explores those bone-chilling adventure serials based on heroes from comic books, radio, the pulps, and comic strips, generously illustrated with hundreds of images of rare and seldom-seen movie poster material. From the earliest days of cinema to the dawn of the television age, all your favorites are here, ready to thrill and excite you all over again!


John E. Petty, Grey Smith

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John E.
Petty, Grey Smith

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Ivy Press

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