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Yves Chaland (1957-1990) was one of the modern masters of the "Ligne Claire" ("Clear Line") style. This book is a tribute to the artist. 70 top bande dessinée creators contribute their homages and recollections of the artist in these pages. There are also numerous photos of Chaland and friends, and Chaland drawings, sketches, and scraps. Printed on Offset 150 gr paper. Text in French.

From the publisher: "Yves Chaland remains at the very heart of the world of bande dessinée. Portrait de l’artiste presents, across 120 pages, a series of personal responses, in various forms (cartoon strips, illustrations, interviews, letters, photographs, etc), from fellow artists, publishers and editors, as well as from family members and companions from his student days. Also contributing to this rounded portrait are authors who, while they may not have known him in person, were nevertheless inspired by his work.

"Among the many contributors to Portrait de l’artiste can be found
Francois Avril,
Stanislas Barthelemy,
Isabelle Beaumenay-Joannet,
Ted Benoit,
Ben Radis,
Philippe Berthet,
Jean-Francois Biard,
Jose-Louis Bocquet,
Emile Bravo,
Christian Cailleaux,
Serge Clerc,
Stephan Colman,
Luc Cornillon,
Bernard Cosey,
Alain De Kuyssche,
Jean-Claude Denis,
Jean-Pierre Dionnet,
Ever Meulen,
Jacques Ferrandez,
Jean-Luc Fromental,
Jean-Claude Götting,
Kent Hutchinson,
Andre Juillard,
Alain Lachartre,
Frank Le Gall,
Yann Le Pennetier,
Jacques de Loustal,
Frank Margerin,
Lorenzo Mattotti,
Jean-Claude Menu,
Walter Minus,
Olivier Neuray,
Didier Pasamonik,
Philippe Petit-Roulet,
Michel Pirus,
Riff Rebs,
Olivier Saive,
Francois Schuiten,
Joost Swarte,
Jacques Terpant,
Daniel Torres,
Francis Valles,
Eric Verhoest,
Philippe Wurm
and Bernard Yslaire.

"From these multi-faceted vignettes emerges the portrait of an artist who took no small pleasure in playing hide-and-seek among his creations. Readers of this book will return to each and every “Bob Fish”, “Freddy Lombard” and “Jeune Albert” album with fresh perspective and insight."


Yves Chaland

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