Chaperon Rouge



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Danijel Zezelj reinterpretates the story of Little Red Riding Hood in this haunting wordless graphic novel.

Danijel Zezelj is a graphic novelist, animator, illustrator and graphic designer. He is the author of more than twenty graphic novels and four animated movies. His comics, books and illustrations have appeared in magazines and anthologies in Croatia, Slovenia, England, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Sweden, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa and the US. His work has been published by DC Comics/Vertigo, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse, Image, Dargaud, Mosquito, Grifo Edizioni, Hazard, The New York Times Book Review, Harper's Magazine, San Francisco Guardian, and more. He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, and Zagreb, Croatia.

From the publisher:

What happens when one of the more powerful graphic designers attacks a hackneyed tale? A pure masterpiece, black and strong like India ink.  The wolf is a wolf to man, and a girl? What pushes the innocent to become a predator?

Le mot de l'éditeur:

Que se passe-t-il lorsqu'un des plus puissant graphiste américain reprend un conte éculé ?  Un pur chef d'oeuvre, noir et fort comme l'encre de Chine.  Le loup est un loup pour l'homme, et pour une fillette ?  Qu'est-ce qui pousse l'innocent à devenir un prédateur ?  Zezelj nous livre sa version muette du célèbre conte. Celui que l'on relit adulte pour en découvrir le sens caché.


Danijel Zezelj

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One minor corner bump, otherwise Very Fine



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St. Egreve

Physical Description

12 inches
9 inches
56 pages
black & white
pictorial boards

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