Cheap Thrills: The Amazing! Thrilling! Astonishing! History of Pulp Fiction



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Hermes Press is proud to announce the release of Ron Goulart's classic history of the pulps: Cheap Thrills. This book is more than just a reprint of Goulart's ground-breaking 1972 history of the pulps, however. Hermes Press' completely redesigned version of this classic contains mountains of material not used in the original Amazing! Thrilling! Astonishing! tome about the great pulps and pulp writers. The new edition of Cheap Thrills presents many remembrances by pulp fiction greats never before seen and not included in the original version of the book. Hermes Press is pulling out all the stops with Cheap Thrills.

Long out-of-print, Cheap Thrills is considered the definitive history of the pulps. Cheap Thrills chronicles not only the history of the pulps but also delves into the backgrounds of the well-known writers who began professional life as pulp magazine contributors including: Harold Lamb, Major George Fielding Eliot, Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, Erie Stanley Gardner, Ray Bradbury and Tennessee Williams. Cheap Thrills looks at it all; the cowboy story, the detective story, science fiction and fantasy, love, sports, and adventure.


Ron Goulart

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