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Spawn: With a Little Help From Our Friends - Article by Jody Duncan

To bring the comic book sensation Spawn to the screen, a trio of young upstarts from Industrial Light & Magic donned production hats and engaged in guerrilla filmmaking in the digital realm to create a lavish effects film on a slender budget.

Batman & Robin: Freeze Frames - Article by Mark Cotta Vaz

For Batman & Robin - the fourth feature in the Batman Series and the second for director Joel Schumacher - visual effects supervisor John Dykstra drew upon the specialties of several effects houses to produce a series-high four hundred effects shots.

Volcano: Toasting the Coast - Article by Rita Street

Tasked with unleashing the ultimate scourge on Los Angeles for the Mick Jackson film, Volcano, visual effects supervisor Mat Beck oversaw the creation of volcano and lava effects achieved via practical, miniature and digital means.

Contact: Close Contact - Article by Kevin H. Martin

With effects ranging from earthbound to cosmic, Contact marked the seventh collaboration between director Robert Zemeckis and visual effects supervisor Ken Ralston, now head of Sony Pictures Imageworks.

Speed 2: Cruising Speed

John Chambers: Maestro of Makeup


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