Classic Hanna-Barbera Collectibles: An Authorized Guide



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"Classic Hanna-Barbera Collectibles: An Authorized Guide by Brian Mariotti. A Funko Print Publication."

A very scarce Funko publication: a photo guide to rare 1960's and 1970's collectibles. With a foreword by the late Joe Barbera.

Mariotti's Introduction:

Why a book on something as specific as collecting old Hanna-Barbera collectibles? Why not include other cartoons? And even more specifically, why only certain vintage Hanna-Barbera items? The answer is fairly evident once someone flips through the pages. There are so many cool items from all over the world that have made their way onto the pages of this book. Toys that have never been photographed before. The focus of this book is cataloging the sweetest toys from the 1960's - 1970's. This book puts the spotlight on the period where Hanna-Barbera cartoons were at their height of popularity. This era resulted in the greatest number of licensed Hanna-Barbera toys ever produced.

What will you find inside? Well, let's start with what you won't find. Due to the tact that cataloging every Hanna Barbers vintage collectible would make for a book the size of the Yellow Pages phone book, you won't find board games, plush figures, cloth dolls, PVC figures, tinykins, or lunch boxes. What you will find, is a great collection of vinyl figures, squeakies, premiums, plastic figures, saw dust dolls and a wonderful pictorial and bio of some of the greatest Hanna-Barbera collectors in the world.

My hope is that this book becomes the most detailed look at classic Hanna-Barbera collectibles ever assembled. Furthermore, it would be fantastic to inspire people into expanding their own collections. Since this is the most comprehensive pictorial of vintage Hanna-Barbera collectibles to date, this book can aid in helping collectors see the wealth of vintage toys that were produced.

Each page of this book will attempt to show you the origin of the toys and their intended market, the company that produced the toy and the year it was made. In addition, l have added a very subjective rarity scale showing how difficult it might be to attain the toy. l think this is a better way to show value instead of putting a dollar amount on what a toy is worth. Afterall, any item for sale is worth whatever someone is willing to pay. So, have fun exploring the world of Classic Hanna-Barbera Collectibles!


Brian Mariotti

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Funko Print Publication

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