Clean Cartoonists' Dirty Drawings



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From the publisher:

By day their cartoon creations included Mickey Mouse, Superman, Beetle Bailey, Betty and Veronica, Wonder Woman, Batman, Charlie Brown, and the Cat in the Hat. But when night fell, they abandoned their pursuit of heroic deeds and good clean fun to draw the risque -- slinging ink to make kink.

Collected in this volume for the first time are scores of rare, previously suppressed, underground sketches by mainstream cartoonists: Carl "Donald Duck" Barks, Steve "Spider-Man" Ditko, Otto "The New Yorker" Saglow, Chuck "Bugs Bunny" Jones, Alex Toth, Walt Kelly, Johnny Hart, Dave Berg, Syd Hoff, Ernie Bushmiller, George Herriman, Rube Goldberg, Will Eisner, Sergio Aragones, Lynn Johnston, and many more artists. These cartoons will shock and amuse you with their sexy strays from the straight and narrow! Includes a revealing foreword by underground legend R. Crumb.

About the editor:

Craig Yoe has been Creative Director and Vice President/General Manager of the Muppets, working closely with Jim Henson. Yoe has six patents for toy inventions, and lectures on creativity all over the world, from Africa to Argentina. He has collaborated with John Updike, Peter Max, Charles Schulz, Stan Lee, and Mike Myers. Yoe is a winner of the Gold Medal from the Society of Illustrators and the Will Eisner Award. Yoe and Clizia Gussoni are co-founders of YOE! Studio, designing everything from toothbrushes to theme park attractions. Yoe's previous 22 books include The Art of Mickey Mouse and Modern Arf.


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