Bande Dessinee in English

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European comics in English! Less than one percent of European comics are translated into English. Often the U.S. print runs are miniscule in comparison with the European print run and sometimes the English language versions become quite rare. Along with French Bande Dessinee, you will also find here comics originally published in Italy and Spain.

A Strange and Beautiful Sound
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Zep, Zep, Very Fine, issued without dustjacket, San Diego, IDW, 2016, 1st, 9781684051625, 10.3 inches, 7.75 inches, 88 pages, color illustrations, Hardcover, pictorial boards, English

French humorist Zep is creator of the bestselling bande dessinee series Titeuf, a Gallic Bart Simpson. Titeuf is one of France's most popular comics,...


The Swords of Glass
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Sylviane Corgiat, Laura Zuccheri, Corgiat, Sylviane, Zuccheri, Laura, Very Fine, Humanoids, Los Angeles, 2015, 1st, 12.75 inches, 9.5 inches, 212 pages, color, Hardcover, pictorial boards, English

From the publisher: In a world whose time is running out, four mysterious swords must be reunited to save the planet. A spectacular saga full of wondrous...


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Very Fine, CFSL Ink, Paris, 2013, 1st, 12.4 inches, 10 inches, 128 pages, color illustrations, hardcover, pictorial boards, English, French

Full color illustrations by Annette Marnat, Tony Sandoval, Wouter Tulp, Bobby Chiu, Clément Lefevre, Charles Champeau, Carine M, Elian Black'Mor,...


Mickey All-Stars (in English)
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Very Fine, issued without dustjacket, Seattle, Fantagraphics, 2020, 1st, 9781683963691, 12.5 inches, 9.6 inches, 56 pages, color, Hardcover, pictorial boards, English

In this once-in-a-lifetime storytelling achievement, more than 40 acclaimed comics creators from around the world celebrate Mickey's wildest adventure!...