Comic Art #9 with the Separate Booklet



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This copy retains the separate, exclusive 80-page booklet, titled Cartooning: Philosophy & Practice, by Italian comics master Ivan Brunetti.

This lovable journal should have been subtitled "The comics magazine even more esoteric than The Comics Journal!" This second double-sized annual featured a cover by cartoonist Tim hensley, plus articles on Jerry Moriarty, Chester Gould, Abner Dean, Gluyas Williams, Kaz, Lyonel Feininger, George Clark, Jesse Marsh, Simplicissimus, Richard Taylor, and new comics by Dan Zettwoch and Aline Kominsky-Crumb.

Heart of Gould: The Progress of Plainclothes Tracy by Tom De Haven.
The Career of Abner Dean.
The Story of Kaz.
Lyonel Feininger's Lost Continent (1871-1956).
The Discreet Smile of George Clark's Americana.
Jesse Marsh: History of His Work in Comics /A Q & A with Gilbert Hernandez.
Portfolio: Simplicissimus.
Mystery Man: The Early Comic Art of Richard Taylor.
Why I Write Only About Myself... by Aline Kominsky-Crumb.


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