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The 1960s and 70s comic book company Gold Key Comics is this issue's focus, with a plethora of adventure art epitomized by Russ Manning (Tarzan and Magnus Robot Fighter) and the great foreign comic book artists of the 1960s.

Bruce Timm's cover painting is also included as a pin-up without logo or type! An unpublished Adam Hughes Wonder Woman drawing. A profile of Tom McKimson, Warner Bros. animator, Gold Key comic book artist and art director.

From the publisher:

COMIC BOOK ARTIST #22 digs up the treasures of Gold Key Comics! Behind a beautiful, new Bruce Timm cover painting featuring the comic imprint's greatest hero, Magnus Robot Fighter, we feature interviews and examinations of not only Magnus creator and renowned Tarzan artist Russ Manning, but also Wally Wood and his Total War M.A.R.S. Patrol; the Tarzan of Jesse Marsh; the irrepressible creative team of artist Jesse Santos and writer Don Glut and their superlative '70s titles, Dagar and Dr. Spektor; Turok, Son of Stone's Alberto Giolitti and Paul S. Newman; Plus Doctor Solar, Boris Karloff, The Twilight Zone, and lots more, including a look at the cartoon comics via a talk with writer Mark Evanier, and a definitive company history! Nobody does comprehensive company retrospectives like CBA - don't miss it!


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