Comic Book Artist Vol. 2, #2



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Frank "The Monkey Boy" Cho speaks! We get the story behind Brandy, Oscar the weiner dog, Dean and the entire Liberty Meadows gang as one of the finest artists working today gets the CBA treatment when we examine his career in-depth with an exhaustive interview, sketchbook gallery, special color section, and Shanna the She-Devil preview!

Also, held over from our first ish, Alex Ross contributes a killer sketchbook section of never-before-seen pencils (plus some color work!).

In addition, Mike Friedrich details the history of Star*Reach, the first alternative publisher of "Groundlevel" comics in the '70s.

We'll also out the truth from talented animator J.J. Sedelmaier about secrets behind his great Saturday Night Live cartoon series, The Ambiguously Gay Duo and The X-Presidents in a lively interview.


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