Coober Skeber #2: The Marvel Benefit Issue



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A wonderful color cover by Seth and black & white comics by a variety of artists paying tribute to their favorite Marvel characters: Tom Devlin, James Kochalka, Mat Brinkman, Robert Boyd, Magnus Johnstone, Mike Luce, Jr. Ron Rege, Seth, and others.

From Kurt Busiek's blog:

Coober Skeber #2 was a completely unauthorized anthology of stories featuring Marvel characters, written and drawn by alternative/indy creators, and handed out free at the San Diego Con in 1997. A precursor to books like World's Funnest, Bizarro Comics and the recent Strange Tales, it was anarchic, irreverent and fun, a delightful breath of fresh air, as creators who wouldn't remotely be connected to mainstream superheroes (at least not then) ran riot with childhood favorite. Some of the contributors included Seth, James Kochalka, Ron Rege, Pete Cardin, Tom Devlin and more.

Anyway, I was handed a copy at the San Diego Con, and I loved it. I showed it to a ton of people, marveled at the audacity of these guys practically daring Marvel to sue them (though in the end, both Marvel and DC imitated them)...

Scarce in high grade, this copy is sharp, flat, and tight; the only flaws are a round blue sticker has been placed over the word "Free" on the cover and the pages appear to be slightly tanned along the edges


Condition & Attributes

Fine (a round blue sticker has been placed over the word "Free" on the cover, the page edges slightly tanned, otherwise sharp, flat, and tight)

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Cambridge, MA
Highwater Books

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8 inches
5.5 inches
128 pages
black & white
color wraps