Creative Strategies: 10 Approaches to Solving (more than) Design Problems



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Fridolin Beisert is the director of the Product Design department at ArtCenter where he teaches the very subject of this book!

From the back cover:

How can I be more creative? People from every walk of life have asked this question. Whether the motivation is to find more personal satisfaction in everyday life or to achieve success in the workplace, the desire for creativity, and the struggle to sustain it, is universal. Drawing on his varied experiences as a successful product designer and creative director, as well as a seasoned educator and a working parent, Fridolin Beisert's Creative Strategies: 10 Approaches to Solving Design Problems uncovers priceless strategies to lead a more creative lifein any industry, at any level whether you are a student, a teacher, a parent, or a CEO. Beisert's approaches, cleverly and appropriately titled Pattern Breaking, Planting Limits, and Reality Hacking, to name a few, are revealed through case studies and personal anecdotes that are both entertaining and illuminating, and demonstrate that creativity is a skill that can be learned the same way that we learn how to ride a bicycle: by actively practicing it.

Fridolin Beisert is the creative director of and also the director of the Product Design department at ArtCenter where he teaches creative problem solving, design innovation, and dynamic sketching. Prior to this role he worked in Tokyo developing futuristic video games, formed a global concept design consultancy in Los Angeles, played as an international underground DJ, wrote a book on learning design using 3D software and studied traditional arts and crafts in Japan.


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