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Cuisine Chinoise - Original French Edition

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A brand new collection of comic stories by this young and very talented Chinese graphic artist who has been able to combine the Chinese pictorial tradition with the modernity of the comic strip.

From the publisher:

Young prodigy Zao Dao portrays Chinese life through the institution of cuisine in China. With humor and lightness she describes the Chinese particular relationship to food.

Through 5 stories, Zao Dao transports us from banquets to restaurants, from festivals to inns.

Ghosts of insects

Two funny little spirits are looking for ghosts to eat and a birthday celebration of family covering an elder with gifts will take a most unexpected turn.


A disturbed young man chases after and tortures insects.

Hai Zi

Yuzi's grandfather is getting old and unable to maintain his restaurant anymore. Customers are rare. Yet Yuzi is passionate about cooking. He likes good products and innovates often, but his dishes are not appreciated. The young man becomes embittered and aggressive, convinced that one day the whole world will jostle to taste his cooking. One day two strange visitors enter his inn...

Breath of an immortal

A curious pastry can only be made by an old woman! But sometimes strange things will be found inside.

A-Chu and A-Yi

A little monkey finds a pot that he thinks is full of food. He has hardly opened it when a black demon comes out to devour him...

Born in the 1990s in Guangdong, in the south of China, Zao Dao is one of the youngest artists of the Chinese avant-garde. A virtuoso artist and illustrator, her talent as a watercolor artist is already unanimously recognized in China. She began publishing her drawings on the Internet in 2011. She has a very original style mixing the traditional elements of Chinese painting with a great modern graphic, with textural effects in the choice of her papers.

Under her brush, the characters she creates sometimes give the impression that she is a rebellious and marginal teenager, but her quest for freedom remains her first pledge of creativity.


Zao Dao

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Very Fine, issued without dustjacket


Zao Dao

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St. Egreve

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12 inches
9 inches
96 pages
pictorial boards

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