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From the Inside Flap:

Before the end, all technology was locked away for safekeeping in a place deep underground. This place is known as the Cyber Realm. The only known entrance is safeguarded by "The Master" where he and his minions control all of the power within and use that technology to oppress what is left of the human race. Due to the massive gap in technology, those who are without it are helpless. That is, until now.

Follow Nicolas as he attempts a desperate and seemingly impossible mission to make things right.

McDonald's humorous, energetic style fully immerses the reader in the action...reminiscent of ‘80s sci-fi classics like The Terminator or Alien... - Paste Magazine

Wren's work is character-driven but he considers the entire scene, and designs compositions in limited colors that enhance each narrative.Cartoon BrewI enjoyed the fact that it told me what had happened to the world without actually telling me. Strong visual storytellers can do that and that's the case with Cyber Realm.

It was the culmination of several worlds of influence coming together and working really well together. - Comic Bastards

Perhaps Cyber Realm is, in its way, the prophecy of the Übermensch, but more likely, it's just a damn fine comic book that's fun to read and leaves you wanting to read more. - Comics Bulletin


Wren McDonald

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Nobrow Press

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9 inches
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24 pages
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