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De Crecy is a wonderful artist whose bande dessinée are surreal mysterious concoctions with anthropomorphic animals interacting with humans in complete nonchalance.

Charming images and moments combine with shocking frightening scenes. There are often transformations a la animated films. You never know with De Crecy what turn a story will take.

Le Bibendum Celeste is utterly strange. It is the story of Diego, a seal, living in a city in Europe getting about on one shoe and a pair of crutches who sails to New York City where he becomes a darling of the intelligentsia and embarks on a course of higher learning.

Soon he comes to the attention of mysterious higher powers (including the President and Satan) who embark on his destruction. It is also the tale of the narrator, Professor Lombax, a disembodied head on a cluttered table. The complete trilogy: three volumes in slipcase. Text in French.

From the publisher:
"The Devil is everywhere in New York sur Loire. The arrival of Diego the Seal in this sinister and soulless port has changed nothing. De Crecy has created a totally original world in a colorful tumult with sarcastic humor. A meaningful cross between Lewis Carroll and Alfred Jarry…"

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