Peter de Seve

A Sketchy Past, The Art of Peter de Sève 

In this exquisite monograph, world-renowned illustrator and character designer Peter de Sève shows his favorite published and unpublished works. Inventive, eccentric, and often irreverent, they represent a lifetime of drawing... a very sketchy past.

Copiously illustrated with hundreds of paintings and drawings, including never-before-published New Yorkercover roughs, behind-the-scenes animation development artwork, and personal sketches, A Sketchy Past is the first comprehensive survey of de Sève's work. A career-spanning biographical essay written by historian Amid Amidi, along with comments from de Sève throughout the book, offer a unique insight into his approach to illustration and his artistic process.

Peter de Sève Sketchbook 

A thick collection of Peter de Sève's drawings & sketches in pencil, pen and brush. Introduction by Francoise Mouly (The New Yorker) in both French and English.

The Duchess of Whimsy (with an exclusive signed bookplate)

The great New Yorkerartist Peter de Sève teams up with the author of bestselling Toy Boat, Randall de Sève in a slightly outrageous fairy tale. This deliciously told and illustrated love story by the remarkable de Sèves shows how utterly charming and extraordinary a picture book can be.

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