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The brilliant cartoonist Tim Hensley is a friend of the store whose work we greatly admire. To celebrate his two new releases -- Sir Alfred #3 and Detention #2 -- He is signing all of our copies AND creating original sketches on 2.5"x3.5" 100 lb. bristol sketch cards for us to include with each copy!

So (1) the book itself is signed by Tim and (2) includes a randomly selected original ink sketch on a separate sketch card!

Regarding the sketches, the ever-modest Tim says: "The style isn't as smooth as the drawings in the comics, but that's why the comics take so long..."

The on-sale date is October 26, 2022, and our copies will ship out immediately after.

From the publisher:

Brilliant cartoonist Tim Hensley (Wally Gropius) returns with his first new comic book since the acclaimed "Sir Alfred No. 3" in 2015! This is a gorgeous, oversized one-shot comic magazine (there is no Detention #1 -- it's a joke, folks!) strictly limited to 2000 copies and available only through the direct market!

Hensley "adapts" in his own absurdist fashion an acknowledged classic of American literature, "Maggie: A Girl of the Streets" by Stephen Crane into a 44-page, oversized, full-color comic book titled "Detention #2." Crane's 1893 novella tells the story of Maggie, a Bowery waif on the cusp of maturity who becomes tragically embroiled with a barkeep named Pete. Hensley satirically frames his version of this brutal tale of slum life as a study aide à la Classics Illustrated, created for those being punished by remedial instruction.

What the Critics Are Saying (in 1896):

The New York Tribune:

"To read its pages is like standing before a loafer to have one's face slapped twice a minute for half an hour."

Town Topics:

"I can recall no title that approaches Maggie in the illustration of drunkenness, promiscuous pugilism, joyless and repellent dialogue, and noise."

The Nation:

"Maggie is impossible to weep over; we can feel only pity the gutter is so dirty and turn in another direction."

The Richmond Times:

"His inattention to grammar is to be regretted."


Tim Hensley

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