Dibujante Nocturno: The Art of Francisco Garcés



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This is the second art collection by the Spanish artist/illustrator Dibujante Nocturno (Francisco Garcés) after his Ominiky Ediciones monograph.

From the publisher:

Prepare to enter the world of artist Dibujante Nocturno, where his intricate linework results in a darkly epic fantasy art.

Turn the pages of this lavishly-produced book to discover a collection of monsters, creatures, and characters created by self-taught concept artist Francisco Garcés, AKA Dibujante Nocturno. The artist and illustrator shares his journey, revealing how his self-taught skills have evolved over the years, resulting in his demonic yet exquisite style. In addition to a specially curated gallery of his past work, there are new pieces created exclusively for this book, including step-by-step tutorials that break down not only the artist's workflow and routine, but also his intricate pen linework techniques, cleverly chosen color palettes, and detailed rendering. Being self-taught, the artist has honed his skills in a completely unique way, allowing readers to glean not only unique tips and techniques, but also inspiration and insight into how they can practice, improve, and develop their own style. His experience of teaching art ensures he knows how to effectively communicate ideas, concepts and practical techniques. From his elegantly drawn linework to the darkest character creation, this is a unique opportunity for fans of fantasy art and creature design to see what goes into the epic art of Dibujante Nocturno.

Take a look at 3D Total's trailer for Dibujante Nocturno: 

Also available: Dibujante Nocturno: Concept Art


Dibujante Nocturno (Francisco Garcés)

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Fine, issued without dustjacket


Dibujante Nocturno (Francisco Garcés)

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3dtotal Publishing

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12.25 inches
9.75 inches
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