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Tony's first graphic novel in English! Signed at his appearance at SDCC!

From the creator of "Le Cadavre et le Sofa", "Les Betises de Xinophixerox," and "Le Serpent d'Eau."

D's not trying to be a rock god. He's just a lonely teenager with an active imagination playing songs to his lost love beyond the grave. But when that music reaches farther than expected, he unkowingly becomes the anonymous Metal Legend known only as DOOMBOY!

DOOMBOY tells the story of an ordinary, lonely teenager with an active imagination and a love of metal music. When his girlfriend passes away suddenly, he decides to broadcast songs to her beyond the grave, playing his heart out under the secret name "Doomboy". What he doesn't realize, however, is that those broadcasts are picked up all across townÂ… and beyond. Soon the music of Doomboy becomes legendary, and his innocent private life quickly turns inside out.

The award-winning graphic novel by the internationally-renowned comic virtuoso TONY SANDOVAL! Includes the original, unpublished 5-page short story from Tony's sketchbook that inspired the full-length graphic novel!

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Tony Sandoval

Condition & Attributes

Very Fine
Signed by the artist



Publishing Information

1st American

Physical Description

8.25 inches
11.25 inches
136 pages
cloth spine, pictorial boards

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