Draw! Issue #6 (Spring 2003)



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DRAW! #6, the professional "How-To" magazine on comics, cartooning, and animation, presents another spectacular line-up of the comic industry's top and award-winning talents! We get started off with a bang by our terrific cover from former Ren & Stimpy cellmates Bill (Monroe) Wray and Stephen DeStefano! Inside, there's interviews and "How-To" demos on all aspects of creating comic imagery, including: An interview and demo on cartooning and painting by Bill Wray! Working in the digital realm in comics and illustration with cover artist Celia Calle! Stephen DeStefano on crossing over and working in both comics and animation! An inking tutorial by DRAW! editor Mike Manley! Plus the latest installment of our regular feature on figure drawing by Bret Blevins! A look at adding light and shadow to your work! New product reviews with Ande Parks! And even more of what's made DRAW! the industry's top magazine on drawing comics!


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Raleigh, NC
TwoMorrows Publishing

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92 pages
black & white with 16 pages in color
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