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From the publisher:

Drizzle is Moon's collection of drawings done with 0.5mm gel pens in two small notebooks (9 x 14 cm - 3.5x5.5") over the past two years. After posting many of them on social media, it was decided to give them permanent life in this book so that they don't die in limbo on the internet!

"This collection is the same size as the notebooks so you the feeling of holding the originals in your hands. Its small size and abundant content make it an object you want to hold. It took countless hours to fill these pages. You will see lots of colour, characters and other elements inside, all formed by a myriad of fine lines. These lines inspired the title of the book. One day, my daughter told me that the hatch fillings reminded her of "the little rain", the drizzle." -- Moon

We are thrilled to release Moon's fifth book, Drizzle. Like 365 Squares, this art book will appeal to illustration lovers with its dreamlike world, silent stories, vibrant colours and strange atmosphere, as if suspended in time. It is a book that one never tires of viewing thanks to its captivating images.

About the artist:

Moon (Olivier Menanteau) started as a self-taught graffiti artist in the 1990s. He developed his own universe through drawings and paintings under the pseudonym 'Moon'. His creations are broadly described as "Polychröm Symbiosis" where the main theme is the illustration of dream-like, surrealist symbioses of humans and plants.


Moon (Olivier Menanteau)

Condition & Attributes

Very Fine


Moon (Olivier Menanteau)

Publishing Information

Buhl, France
Editions Caurette

Physical Description

5.75 inches
3.75 inches
160 pages
color illustrations
pictorial boards

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