El: Los Vivientes Muertos



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Oscar Martin's gloriously illustrated, gory, humorous zombie satire, with a talking dog named "El", a tubby nerd and his smokin' hot girlfriend.

From the publisher:

The artist Oscar Martin surprises us with a new and funny story of "El".

Corrosive, irreverent and ill - intentioned.

In this comic, he travels to a future where the population, hooked all day to reality shows, football, music videos, movies and other activities that require minimal intellectual effort, has turned into zombies: people incapable of thought and unable to make decisions.

The only unaffected are a few pockets of resistance formed by those who remained "clean": those who read comics, watched cult series, and played strategy and role-playing games. "El" will join one of these groups formed by Tubby Ricardo and his spectacularly hot girlfriend Juanita to fight the undead. It is a comic to laugh at because if not told humorously it would be too strong.

Oscar Martin has been an artist and writer of 'Tom and Jerry' comic stories since 1986, and also reated comics for Disney, Warner Bros., and others. His stories have been published all over Europe and the USA.


Oscar Martin

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Palma de Mallorca
Ominiky Ediciones

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10.5 inches
7.75 inches
128 pages
pictorial boards

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